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Through the White Pines of MarathonPark in Winter

Marathon Park In Wintermarathonparkwinter-7

A wintry walk amidst the White Pines o

A wintry walk amidst the White Pines of Marathon Park.

Gone is is the excitement of carnivals and the bustle of animals in people in the fairgrounds.  The cold silence remains.  The time is there to focus on the towering majesty of these living remnants of Wisconsin’s past in the “pinery”.

These are the giants that once dominated our forests with their towering beauty.  These giants are decorated for the season with fluffy white snow.  They are the silent watchtowers guarding Wausau’s western entrance.   They continue to shelter birds and other wildlife.  Nature decorates these trees for Christmas in her own way.

I Went to Visit My Grandfather Falls Today

I had not hiked on this segment recently. The boardwalk was a project of a mobile skills crew.

I went to visit my grandfather today.    That is Grandfather Falls on the Wisconsin River.   This is a fascinating and beautiful segment of the Ice Age Scenic Trail located north of Merrill, WI just off of State Highway 107.  The dense hardwood forest that surrounds this section of the Wisconsin River makes for a gorgeous hike in the fall.

Rocks in the river. This is a tranquil section just south of Poskey Rapids.

A River Runs Though It

From Lac View Dessert on the Wisconsin – Michigan border to its meeting with the mighty Mississippi at Prairie du Chen, the Wisconsin River is always flowing.   The Wisconsin is a living thing that man has merely harnessed but never contained.   As it flows through Rhinelander, Tomahawk, Merrill, Wausau, and Mosinee, it brings to each community a sense of character and purpose.

The river shapes the way people live in each community.   It makes Stevens Point special with its riverfront festivals.   It draws international class paddlers to canoe and kayak competitions in Wausau.   Loggers once used it to transport lumber to sawmills.   Today the waters of the river flow through countless turbines  to make the electricity that powers this man’s computer.

It is constantly flowing, constantly moving, like the stream of time since the dawn of creation.   It brings wildlife into the cities, and along with it, the thrill of the spring walleye run.   If you live along a river like the Wisconsin, it is a part of your life.

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