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Lighting dedication of the new “Wishing Bridge”.

Perhaps this is a prelude to a greater project.   My neighbor across from me is artistically trained.   She saw my photo of the Chippewa River State Trail bridge at Eau Claire and thought that I could develop a collection based on bridges.  Bridges over what, I wondered.  Even a crazy idea of a “Bridges of Madison County”  type of book could start to flow from this.    Digging into the collection of images that I already have on my WordPress account and adding to them with the Chippewa Trail bridge, I started to create this blog at first.  I even added Wausau’s new “Wishing Bridge” which crosses a newly formed creek on the east side river front.   It is another step in the redevelopment of this area.  I would bet that many marriage proposals will happen here.


So I started with the HH bridge over the  Green Circle Trail in Stevens Point.  How cool is it to pass under traffic and enjoy all this great scenery that the Green Circle Trail offers.   Minimal interference from automobile traffic.   Just great!  Then I move to a stark wintry scene in Wausau on the pedestrian crossing over the east channel of the Wisconsin River.   Icy good black and white subject.  Truly a Wisconsin winter!


Then I move to the one bridge that I actually fell in love with.   This one is the concrete arch bridge that carries the Tomorrow River State Trail over the Tomorrow River at Amherst.    What a beautiful piece of bridge architecture.  So simple and serene with steps to lead many a trout angler to his favorite spot and a deck that carries lovers to a coffee shop in Amherst.


My new  favorite is a re-decked trestle that forms a part of the Chippewa River State Trail in Eau Claire.  Eau Claire is easily my second home town.  Most people can easily see why.  It is a cyclist’s paradise with all of its off-road trails and shared use paths connecting right into the Chippewa River State Trail.  The trail system even connects right to the Water Street side of the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire!    I can imagine students and faculty riding in from Chippewa Falls or Durand on this incredible asphalt paved rail-trail. Or even a trip into Carson Park .  Or even a cruise into Downtown!    Why not!   The system will get you there!


Finally thoughts take me to my home rail-trail, the beautiful Mountain-Bay State Trail  with the long low trestle that crosses wetlands west of Norrie Lake in Eastern Marathon County.  There are so many journeys and bridges to cross.   This bridge has legends to it  of derailments that happened long ago with box cars  or locomotives lost in the swamp.   The journey calls us to hike or ride…

A historic landmark bridge awaits to take riders and hikers across the Tomorrow River.

This is the Quarter-mile bridge on the Mountain-Bay State Trail as viewed from the seat of my Trek 920 mountain-bike.

Back To The Beginning

Waiting In Line Whitewater Rodeo-2
Whitewater Rodeo-4
Boat-acrossI chose the title and these images to me represented a part of a major foray into becoming a published photographer albeit in 35mm film as the world was changing to digital.

I spent a lot of time at the Whitewater Park Kayak Course on the Wisconsin River in my home town of Wausau, WI.   This called me into the challenging world of getting these images published as well as other subjects.

My sister had talked me into shooting images of this sport, and I walked off the course in a state of half shock because I had just ran through $100.00 worth of film and processing because I was learning how to judiciously use my camera’s motordrive.   I learned that shooting action sports is a lot of hit and miss.

Being a somewhat avid cyclist, I found a commonality with these guys in their spray skirts on a warm Sunday afternoon.   Some sports are ageless.   In the events last Sunday, I saw young gals and old men with the stamina of youth.   As I near retirement, I am inspired by that.

No one in their right mind retires to the rocking chair right away.   We all want to get the joy out of life with our mind and our bodies because we all know that our time on earth is limited and the years after age 65 go by so fast to the point where all we can do is look back.

The river is always flowing and the trail is always leading somewhere.   You just have to be ready to follow it.   More work will be coming.  Perhaps it will be in the form of a book.  Perhaps, I will get to set up that dream sales site.   Perhaps I will get to sell my work in a gallery somewhere.

This is the Quarter-mile bridge on the Mountain-Bay State Trail as viewed from the seat of my Trek 920 mountain-bike.

This is the Quarter-mile bridge on the Mountain-Bay State Trail as viewed from the seat of my Trek 920 mountain-bike.



On A Wing

A Turkey Vulture searches for carion in and around the quarry at Rib Mountain State Park

A Turkey Vulture searches for carion in and around the quarry at Rib Mountain State Park


I had looked at photographing these magnificent flyers as a change both for me  and the focus tracking system on my D-80.  To my amazement,   I was able to track these birds in flight with my 70-210 f4.5-5.6  Nikkor zoom pushed  out to the max with an ISO setting of 500.

Last time I did this, my end results were not so good.  But the focus points were lighting up in my viewfinder and the camera was picking the birds up.  What an amazing day!

On A WingOn A Wing-8On A WingOn A WingTurkey Vulture On  A WingOn A Wing

A Summer Night at the Airport With Balloons

Getting ready for the glow.

Getting ready for the glow.

Sorry, folks.  I did not stick around for the fireworks like I should have.  There are technical reasons for that.  These pictures come from plenty of study of when and how to photograph a balloon glow.   Others were shooting these balloons with iPhones, and for them, that’s fine.  For me, a good basic DSLR like my Nikon D-80 is a fun thing.

I like to tweak things.   Call me a control freak, but that is how I learn.  I kept adjusting the ISO (film speed) levels as the evening went on.   The balloons and their crews did the rest of the work.

It is an investment, and it is fun.

GlowUp On The Ground




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