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It is amazing to me as to what others see in my images.   Here I photographed this bridge as I have many times since it was converted from a railroad to a pedestrian bridge.  Like all of my images, I start shooting in RAW and in color.   The day lent itself better to black and white.   For that, I went into post-processing and used the wonderful tools in Adobe Lightroom 4.


Some photographers dislike Lightroom, but I have grown to love it.   In Lightroom, I converted this image from color to black and white and made a jpg copy with all the keywords for search engines to guide people to this image and this and other sites that I might have it uploaded on.  The picture says winter is here!

Here we are looking west towards Barker-Stewart Island on a dreary December Saturday.   Even on dreary days, nature provides us with something to see.  Icey Bridge (1 of 1)

A historic landmark bridge awaits to take riders and hikers across the Tomorrow

A historic landmark bridge awaits to take riders and hikers across the Tomorrow River near Amherst, WI.

A hillside cut-through.

A hillside cut-through.

On a whim and a fancy, I decided to take a chance on one of Wisconsin’s newest state rail-trails.  I had known about the Tomorrow River State Trail for a number of years.   I “fell in love with this bridge at first sight.   This is the concrete arch bridge that crosses the Tomorrow River, a well known trout stream in eastern Portage County, and for me, a key as to what this trail has to offer.

I could have done a full trail ride, and maybe I will soon.   The Tomorrow River State Trail begins at Hoover Road in the Village of Plover and extends eastward for 34 miles to Manawa on  a former rail line once operated by the Green-Bay & Western Railroad

I chose to just ride the section from Amherst to Ogdensburg for a number of reasons.  For one, I made some stupid mistakes the last time I tried riding out from Plover (like forgetting the front wheel of my bike).   The section between Amherst and Ogdensburg proved to be a scenic gem.

I carry a backpack laden with a DSLR and several lenses whenever I ride a rail-trail.   I have come to know that each of Wisconsin’s numerous rail is going to offer up some of the best scenery.

On a bicycle, and especially on a rail-trail, it is not so much about “getting there” as for what you find along the way.  The Tomorrow River Trail passes through glacial moraine giving riders a scenic, but rugged, landscape to pass through on a gentle 3% grade at best.  You will find many large boulders called erratics.  Many of these boulders were deposited by ice age glaciers.

It even becomes a journey through time as you pass through land that railroad locomotive crews once saw as  a part of their job.

Like many of Wisconsin’s rail-trails, The Tomorrow River State Trail is paved with crushed limestone and can get a little grassy in places.   There is an equestrian trail along side in most places in Portage and Waupaca Counties, so you don’t have to run into horses and goo for the most part.

It is a gorgeous journey so get your trail pass and take a ride.




Highway 49 Overpass at Scandinavia.

Highway 49 Overpass at Scandinavia.

A view from the bridge looking upstream.

A view from the bridge looking upstream.

The wheel chairs symbolize limitations.  But on the water, there are no limitations.

The wheel chairs symbolize limitations. But on the water, there are no limitations.

Disabled Vets on the water in training.

Disabled Vets on the water in training.

The Wausau Kayak & Canoe Corporation has supported and promoted some amazing things on our Wisconsin River in Downtown Wausau.  But this is kind of special, and, most certainly heart-warming.   You see, these paddlers are not your ordinary athletes that come here to compete.  They are special.   The wheel chairs symbolize their disability earned in war.   These paddlers are disabled vets.

The wheel chairs symbolize their disability is only on land.   While on land, they cannot walk, run, or ride a bike like normal healthy people.  On water, they are free.

Time Shows Its Age

Even in small cities like Wausau, buildings age.

Occasionally in the countryside I’ve come across an old barn or two.   In some cases just a foundation remains.  Sometimes you wonder what happened there.

Wausau has a lot of old housing stock, but then any city as old as Wausau is would have this.  Eerie and spooky the things of the past seem.  You wonder what went on there.   You wonder how many different cars did this garage house or how many horses did it shelter or how many families lived in the house nearby.

The Old Garage (1 of 1) The Old Garage 2 (1 of 1)-2The Old Garage 2 (1 of 1)-3The Old Garage 2 (1 of 1)-4

The Flag of Freedom

The flag still flies.  She may be old, but never out of date.  Men have fought and did for what this flag stands for in places as close to home as Cold Harbor, and Antietam, and as far away as Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.   That a nation conceived with liberty and justice for all shall not perish from the face of the earth.

This nation has been torn apart many times through the most bloody civil war and the demonstrations for civil rights 100 years later.  We’ve endured attacks by foreign enemies  of all types that wanted to bring our people to their knees.   The flag has been spat on and burnt and yet it still flies high.     For many, it still symbolizes the hope of freedom and justice to worship the Lord in the way that they choose without any interference.  It means for the right to assemble and speak out without fear.

i pray that this flag may continue to fly.  May this always be a symbol of freedom for all mankind.

I always wanted to do a shot of the American Flag against the sky.

I always wanted to do a shot of the American Flag against the sky.

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