Keywords & SEO: Promoting a Business and a Community

I set out to do this photo not really knowing what to expect but just a chance to do some really great photography. While I was over there, I met with Lisa Carlson who owns The Glass Hat, a neighborhood bar just south of the Walkway. Lisa caught on to the fact that I had photographed certain things around the bar such as the bikes in back.

Lisa gave me a little talk about how keywords work. She really insisted that I mention the name of her bar The Glass Hat. While Lisa might not have had the right words, she did have the right idea.

Think metadata! Think keywords! Think SEO! Major search engines like Google and Yahoo thrive on this! What good does it do to have great images to sell if you don’t have those.

Lisa’s goal is to promote and grow her business. Tavern owners are no different than any other business people. They need to draw in paying customers. So do photographer-artists like me. So I will be packing my images with keywords. Keywords are names of people and places, events and other subjects. So my Diamondback Bike becomes a keyword as a name of the image.

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