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The Green Circle Trail

Green Circle Trail HH Underpass-1Green Circle Trail Pifner Pioneer Park-1-2Green Circle Trail Plover River-1Green Circle Trail Plover River-1-2One of the greatest gems of the Stevens Point area in Central Wisconsin is it’s  Green Circle Trail system.   27 miles of off-road trail, shared use path, on street bicycle routes and side walks make for a really great day in the city.  The people of Stevens Point have something to really proud of here.   As you can see in these photos, the Green Circle trail passes though a lot of wilderness areas within the city and in the Town of Hull.Green Circle Trail McDill Pond-1These photos cover stretches of trail along the Plover and Wisconsin Rivers.  In many spots, one can forget that they are in an urban area.   I took a ride on it and I saw much more than I photographed.  I will be back!Green Circle Trail Approach to Wisconsin River-1

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