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After The Winter Storm

Sometimes in photography there are days when everything just falls into place. I did not use any filters in these images . They are as they are. The atmosphere of winter makes for the cobalt blue skies. When combined with the whiteness of snow, nothing but purity is the result.

I count my snowshoes as a part of my photographic gear as they allow me to get to places off-road and out of the way.  The Dells of the Eau Claire is a part of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.  Whenever possible, Ice Age Trail Alliance has always tried to put a part of the route through public lands such as parks or forests.

The Dells provides an appropriate place for people to stop and relax.  Every time I go out there, it is like a mini vacation away from the cares of every day life.    The Dells offers its own sense of peace even on the coldest of days in a Wisconsin Winter.

In Marathon County, the Dells of the Eau Claire  symbolizes all that is good in our part of the world.   In winter, it is clean and quiet.  It is so peaceful you could walk with God out there.


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