What Does Water Mean To Me

I am at a little lost.   The University of Wisconsin Extension – Marathon County office is planning for a display at the Stratford Library in mid-October on water. http://marathon.uwex.edu/2016/08/05/what-does-water-mean-to-me/ I have been struggling with that a little with what to include and somewhat with pricing as I will have to turn to a printing lab to get it all done and how should it look.

I decided that, part of my process would include checking out to see what I already had posted on WordPress over the years and I came up with these pics  from the Wisconsin River.   I live in Wausau, but these come from  points all along the river from Grandfather Falls to Mosinee.   The river shapes each community and makes each place livable bringing in wildlife and recreation for all.  Mosinee, for example, though small, has almost more river frontage than any other city along the Wisconsin.

So, perhaps by writing out this blog, I might be helping myself come up with the ideas necessary to help make a successful display.

I am also concerned, as rivers, lakes, ponds, etc are fragile.  They have been abused as dumping grounds for human waste ranging from all sorts of chemical industrial pollution to just plain litter.   Maybe my photography should be there to remind people that you don’t know what yu have till it is gone.

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