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Rib Mountain In The Fog

Foggy Trail

Foggy Trail

Morning Mist (1 of 1)-7 If you have ever wondered in the woods in the fog, you will find that everything has a mystery all its own.  On a foggy day, I set out to walk one of the lower trails  in Rib Mountain State Park near Wausau, WI  An eerie stillness is set in the woods when one can only see the blazes that mark the trail and make out a haze.

You don’t know what can be around the next corner, or even why.  Will you see deer or stumble into a bear or what?  That is the mystery.

It made a good chance to experiment and explore with my D-80 and a few lenses to see what can’t be seen and what can be.

Rib Mountain is not a true mountain in a sense.  It is nowhere near like the 14,000 or so high peaks that make up the Rockies, the Tetons, or the Bitterroots.  It is not even like any of the Appalachians.  Yet we call it a mountain here in central Wisconsin as it is one of our highest peaks and it does affect weather to a degree.  It is always a few degrees cooler than in the city of Wausau itself.

Rib Mountain may not be a true mountain, but we can call it our mountain.  It has a cragginess of its own. Morning Mist (1 of 1)-8 Morning Mist (1 of 1)-9 Yellow Trail (1 of 1)

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