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The Flag of Freedom

The flag still flies.  She may be old, but never out of date.  Men have fought and did for what this flag stands for in places as close to home as Cold Harbor, and Antietam, and as far away as Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.   That a nation conceived with liberty and justice for all shall not perish from the face of the earth.

This nation has been torn apart many times through the most bloody civil war and the demonstrations for civil rights 100 years later.  We’ve endured attacks by foreign enemies  of all types that wanted to bring our people to their knees.   The flag has been spat on and burnt and yet it still flies high.     For many, it still symbolizes the hope of freedom and justice to worship the Lord in the way that they choose without any interference.  It means for the right to assemble and speak out without fear.

i pray that this flag may continue to fly.  May this always be a symbol of freedom for all mankind.

I always wanted to do a shot of the American Flag against the sky.

I always wanted to do a shot of the American Flag against the sky.

Mosinee, A City On the Move

I have often ventured in to Mosinee on a number of different occasions throughout the year.  Most of my readers might have seen my other blogs like Mosinee in the Mist.   Mosinee has more frontage on the Wisconsin River than many of the larger cities like Wausau or Stevens Point.  The river adds character Mosinee.  With Mosinee Papers now known as Expiron, this city is a mill town.   It is the southernmost community in the Wausau Metro Area and it is on the Metro Marathon County bike route system.


I ride with my eyes wide open.  I can see things that others miss.  Mosinee struggles with attracting customers to local businesses in its downtown.  For too long, it has been seen as place that you just have to go through to get someplace else.  State Highway 153 is often seen as a route  to get from the interstate to places like Marshfield.  There is a lot right here for people to stop and explore.   So get out, check the shops out.  Spend some time in beautiful Mosinee!Mosinee, A City On The Move