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I Went to Visit My Grandfather Falls Today

I had not hiked on this segment recently. The boardwalk was a project of a mobile skills crew.

I went to visit my grandfather today.    That is Grandfather Falls on the Wisconsin River.   This is a fascinating and beautiful segment of the Ice Age Scenic Trail located north of Merrill, WI just off of State Highway 107.  The dense hardwood forest that surrounds this section of the Wisconsin River makes for a gorgeous hike in the fall.

Rocks in the river. This is a tranquil section just south of Poskey Rapids.

Ice Age Trail: A Gem in the Making

I had a taste of the life of a mobile skills event over this past weekend on the Plover River Segment of the Ice Age Trail in Marathon County.   A Mobile Skills event is almost like an old time threshing time .    A lot of people come into to a major job.  For this one, people came in from many parts of the state and even from neighboring Iowa to open up the corridor and develop the Plover River segment of the Ice Age Trail running between Wisconsin’s State Highway 52 and County Highway HH  in the far northeastern corner of Marathon County.

Camping was offered at the Dells of the Eau Claire  County Park in the group campground there, and a crew of women provided some top notch meals.   No one goes to bed hungry at one of these events.   All of this happens to make a dream come true of a 1,000 mile trail following the terminal moraine from the last glacier.    Working among the  erratic boulders and the muck of the swamps, they built the boardwalks that snake through the trees so that hikers can make their way through without falling into the muck.

Gemutlicheit can happen when people work together for a common purpose and it did out there last weekend.

Update:   This segment of the trail is now completed connecting the the trail between Highways 52 and HH for a total of 6 miles or so.New Trail

New board walks were put in by mobile skills group during the week of September 18-23 as the Plover River Segment is extended north of State Highway 52 in Marathon County..

More board walk construction.

Green Valley Road

I spend a lot of time taking rides into the countryside northeast of Wausau.  The roads up there are quiet save during the weekday when the granite quarries are active.   There are only two industries in the Town of Texas and they are farming and mining.   Not much other development is encouraged.


I like riding bike up there because of the low traffic and the closeness I feel with the environment around me.  I had a laughable experience the other day when I found myself directing  a steer back to his herd.   He had broken through the barbed wire fencing that was keeping the rest from wondering off the field and into the roadway.   This animal found his way across the road from the herd.   I waved and pointed my finger to the others while keeping eye-contact on this animal.   He got the message and rejoined the herd.

Perhaps maybe we are like the steer when we wander away from safety into dangerous situations with our lives.    We too need someone to point the way back home.

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