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What Rain Will Do

A close up from my back yard.

A close up from my back yard.

This is the thing that happens when rain falls.  It doesn’t always go to the ground.   It lingers on leaves of trees and everything else.   In the sunlight, the droplets sparkle and glisten.

Look closely and you will see the droplets clinging to the needles of this balsam from my backyard.

I call the tree the Gardy tree as it is a living memorial to an aunt of mine who lived for nearly a century.   My Aunt Gardy knew that I lost one seedling to a rabbit.  This seedling was from one of the trees in her yard.  She told me if I could dig it out I could take it home and transplant it there.  That was nearly 25 years ago.  The tree has grown to nearly 20 feet or more providing shade for the yard and protection for birds and small animals during winter.

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