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Valley Fest

The first band to play at the Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School’s Valley Fest.

Sometimes you just have to go out and have fun.   On July 28-29 of this year I got invited to go to Mosinee, WI and shoot these images from the first ever Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School “Valley Fest”.   Being not much of a concert photographer, I still decided to be there.

Saturday’s bands featured  Without Excuse, , Lightswitch,, and KT Country.   Lightswitch and Without Excuse are Christian Rock Bands made up of youth working to reach out to youth through music.

Sunday afternoon took a different pace with the hop and a skip of a polka beat from the Hayes Boys Orchestra   It was a good time for all.

Enter My Lightroom!

The Quarry in Black and White.

Uncle Harry's Lamp-7

Carriage pull competition at the Draft Horse Invitational in the 2011 Wisconsin Valley Fair

Adobe is known as the premier producer of imaging software.   CS and Photoshop are their best known brands of photo editing software.   Add to that the Lightroom series and they have cornered the market.

I once took in Photoshop 7 on a trial basis.   It opened up like a Hollywood production with all the names of the software developers who worked to put it all together.   It works in layers (for those of you who remember film) each color is in a layer and how you expose it or under expose it affects the outcome.   I loved the software.  I just could not afford it.

Lightroom  is a different kind of imaging software.  Because it has its own separate folder, it has separate storage for the images that were worked on with it.  It does not exactly replace a regular editor software, but it can enhance the images and, if wisely used, improve workflow.

I am just beginning to learn how to use it.  Watch this blog and see what I learned.

I am learning a lot in Lightroom.   I will be able to add on Color Efex 4 to the software.  That is something I could not do with just Capture NX2 which is no longer in production.

And There Were Winners!

Men’s C-2 finals at the 2012 Junior World Championships in Downtown Wausau.

Awards were given out just as if it was the Olympics. Each country had a team that they could be proud of!

The Wausau Canoe and Kayak Corporation really provided our community with a sense of the Olympic Spirit this past weekend.   For the 2012 Junior World Championships, the Kayak Corporation should be commended for putting together such a spectacular event with teams from 27 nations participating.   Even former enemies were together in peace!

Strangers at the Wausau Balloon Rally & Glow

I have done photography before at Wausau Balloon Rally & Glow. But this time some unique and different things happened. Beginning with the woman who struck a chord with me over my Rails to Trails bike jersey and going on to a guy who kept giving me tips on how to get great pictures of the balloons I felt a little like some how these strangers saw a connection with me in a peculiar way.

The photography comes natural. It is a little bit of trial and error in finding that right exposure setting. To do the kind of stuff I was doing tonight with a film camera would be difficult if not impossible. I doubt if you could make one shot with an ISO of 250, the next at 400, and the next at 1000. It is just not possible.

I am confident, though. What I saw on my camera’s rear LCD screen was brilliant! At a hot air balloon glow, one just lets the glow from the burners light the images!  The color shown here is proof that digital photography can carry color.  I did no adjustments to these images.   They are in their natural tone!

Junior World Championships

The Biggest event on the kayak course at Wausau’s Whitewater Park is about to happen this week.   The city is a buzz with teenagers from around the world for the Junior World Championships.   So come on down to the river and enjoy the competition!

Riding Through Central Wisconsin Farm Country


The best places to ride a bike are not always found on city streets    Marathon County has made some serious efforts to make our highways safer for bicyclists.  County  NN is a fine example.   11 miles of gently rolling hills and curves make this road idyllic for cyclists of all types.   State Highway 107 north of Marathon City makes a little more challenge with more traffic.

i grabbed my D-80 and headed out to bike these roads.   On my bike, I see things that others miss or just plain do not pay attention too.   I notice things that are happening in the area.   I smell the smells of the country around me, and I see progress.

Looking North on State Highway 107


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