Fungi on a tree.

A Facebook “Friend”  is offering a photo contest of her own.  http://www.cheyennerouse.com   I have gotten to know the photography of Cheyenne Rouse.  Cheyenne makes her living doing what I wish I could be doing with my own work.   Cheyenne  is running her own online contest.   Though I have been entered in at least a few others including current submissions to Capture Wisconsin, http://www.capturewisconsin.com/, I am not above letting an expert like Cheyenne review my work.    I sent her a color version of this image.   I should have sent the black and white.

Black and white conveys a grittier texture than color.    This subject practically calls for it.   I did not have to go far for  it either.   It just meant a Sunday afternoon walk to a neighborhood park.    I started with a color image in RAW.   Later on I converted to black and white.   That conversion is not too difficult to do.

Black and white does require a different way of thinking shifting from colors to tones and shades.  It really is black, white and various shades of gray in between.   With film, this was often determined with the use of  red, orange, yellow, or even green filters on the front of the lens.  With digital, those filters don’t work in that same way as the sensor doesn’t “see”  the image in the same way that film does.

Most editor software including Photoshop includes electronic versions of these filters for the same effect.   This allows rank amateurs like me to come up with some powerful images.


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