The Begining of Spring

Cattails to me epitomize the wilderness.  They usually grow in swampy marsh like areas.   This is the beginning of spring and the end of winter.

This last Saturday I got frustrated with eBay and UPS will trying to ship out an old typewriter. I grabbed D-80 and just started heading south to Lake  Wausau and across to the Town of Rib Mountain.

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.   Reflex is just what happens when I find some thing that takes me away from the world around me .   I through every thing out of my head and focus on the subject at hand.   Often is something that others seem to take for granted like the cattails growing just off the side of a frontage road along Highways 51 & 29.   County Highway R has a walkway along its entire length from  junction with Highway 52 Parkway in Wausau to the junction with County Highway N in Rib Mountain.

The road actually gets quite scenic as it crosses the Rib River into the Town of Rib Mountain.  It is a feeling of wilderness so close to civilization.

This is genuine wetlands preservation at its best when we can stop, pause, Zone out and think of nothing but the warmth of spring.   Wisconsin’s winter is ending.   Time for new growth.



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