Snakes in God’s Plan

A snake in the wild.

Snakes are part of God’s creation even though their place in the Bible is a bit maligned.   Tonight our assistant pastor had caused quite a lot of attention bringing in two live constrictors for the second mid-week lenten worship service under the theme: Curse: Satan’s Curse.

Where do snakes come in?  In Genesis, Satan appears to Eve in the form of a snake who tempts her to eat of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden.   God curses the snake for this.   14 The LORD God said to the serpent,    “(M)Because you have done this,
Cursed are you more than all cattle,
And more than every beast of the field;
On your belly you will go,
And (N)dust you will eat
All the days of your life;
15 And I will put (O)enmity
Between you and the woman,
And between your seed and her seed;
(P)He shall [d]bruise you on the head,
And you shall bruise him on the heel.”   Genesis 3:14-15 NASB  God curses the snake and announces his plan for the salvation of mankind.


The serpent has always been  depicted as sly.  A perfect form for the Great Deceiver to take.  In the Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson had the snake appear from under Satan’s cloak in the Garden of Gethsemane when our Lord prayed to his Father wrenched with fear for the suffering and pain he was about to experience while taking on the burden of our sin and going to the cross.   When Jesus went to the cross, he crushed the snake, and we are free.

“Christ the Lord of hosts unshaken

By the devil’s seething rage,

Thwarts the plan of Satan’s minions;

Wins the strife from age to age;

Conquers sin and death forever,

Slams them in their steely cage.  LSB 521 v1”

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