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An Ice Age Trail Winter

A stone bridge was created to cross the Plover River.

One of the many sites on the Plover River Segment

Whoever said that Wisconsin Winters are cold and drab has never walk through the wilderness of this great state.  I spend one morning in late February 2012 on the Plover River segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in northeastern Marathon County.   I experienced warmth from the sunshine reflecting off the whiteness of the snow.  The cobalt blue sky adds to the colors.  Even the brown colors  of vegetation along with the deep rich greens of pines and balsams add to the scene.

Further on along the trail, one hears the bubbling and gurgling of the Plover River itself as it makes its way downstream from the headwaters near Antigo to meet with the Wisconsin in Stevens Point on the long journey to the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.   Rivers like the Plover never  give in to the chilling cold of a Wisconsin winter.  They are too busy.  They have that journey to make.

During the warmer months, the Plover is a place for anglers.  Long known as a trout fishery, its cold waters continue to curve ant cut their way through the land.   The sound of a flowing river is music to my ears.

Since I often carry a Nikon DSLR with me on these journeys.  I record every thing I see, because what I see is good.

Who Says Winter is Bad?

I was originally going to hike the newest segment of the Ice Age Trail near Aniawa on the day that I took this.  I realized that a Dodge Avenger wasn’t an SUV and I could not push a button and have it instantly turn into a Caliber or much less a Durango.  I could not make it into the snow-bound lots of the Plover River State Fishery.  So I made my way west on Sportsman Drive to find a more civilized place to park after having a friendly guy with a pick-up pull me out and nearly getting stuck again while trying to park on the road.

While driving westward on Sportsman, I was surprised at this cut-through.  I was still in the hummocky land of the Ice Age Trail full of kettles and moraines.  Yes, this is the terminal moraine that covers much of northern and eastern Wisconsin and even as far south as Baraboo where the hills meet the coulee region of Wisconsin’s southwest.

The crispness of the air in Winter makes for great outdoor photography anywhere in Wisconsin.   Cobalt blue skies combined with evergreens and the whiteness of snow add to the color that makes winter what it is up here.   It is fresh and pure.

Yes, some people complain about it and long for the warmer seasons to come, but I am not one of those.   If anything I complain about all the seasons being too short.   That is just because I want to enjoy all of them.   I tell people that, if winter gets them down, then the right thing to to is just get out and enjoy it.

Even in winter there is warmth.   When the sun shines on snow, it reflects back upward.   I feel the warmth on my face.  I feel it on my back through my winter jackets and all my layers.   Its there.  Oh what a wonderful feeling!


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