To Celebrate The Birthday of The King

After the snow that gave us in Wausau a white Christmas, I decided to quick capture the snow on my two balsams before it blew off.

Every year I set up a Christmas Tree,  I am fascinated by the lights and the color of it all.  I like to cut out all other lamps and just let the light of the tree shine forth.   The angel in this photo is so bright, it reminds me of what the shepherds saw near Bethlehem that night.   The poinsettias bloom in a regal red reminding me that the humble child born on the cow stable was indeed  the promised messiah.  He is the wonderful counselor, the mighty God, and the King of Kings.

The craft of photography should enable a person to show others what they are missing.    Our years are filled with times and season.   Each has their own color, shape, and form.  Christmas is a real definite part of that.  The ornaments on the tree often show the story reflecting the lights which resemble the stars on a clear wintery night.  We celebrate the birth of a child who was the savior of the world.   He came to us in humility and now reigns in glory.

The newest tree in this collection of photos is the one that I just put up this year.  After the death of my mother, I was reluctant to set one up anywhere let alone a live tree.   I bought this tree a week ago on Friday then debated about where to set it up.  Finally, after some encouragement from my sister, I chose to set it up in the downstairs parlor or living room where my Grandmother always had hers.

The lights closest to the the top are LED bulbs.  Though as small as their incandescent  cousins, they are much brighter.    Generations of people from my family have lived in this house at the foot of the Reservoir Hill on Wausau’s West-side.  They all celebrated the holidays here and Christmas was a big part of that.

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