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To Celebrate The Birthday of The King

After the snow that gave us in Wausau a white Christmas, I decided to quick capture the snow on my two balsams before it blew off.

Every year I set up a Christmas Tree,  I am fascinated by the lights and the color of it all.  I like to cut out all other lamps and just let the light of the tree shine forth.   The angel in this photo is so bright, it reminds me of what the shepherds saw near Bethlehem that night.   The poinsettias bloom in a regal red reminding me that the humble child born on the cow stable was indeed  the promised messiah.  He is the wonderful counselor, the mighty God, and the King of Kings.

The craft of photography should enable a person to show others what they are missing.    Our years are filled with times and season.   Each has their own color, shape, and form.  Christmas is a real definite part of that.  The ornaments on the tree often show the story reflecting the lights which resemble the stars on a clear wintery night.  We celebrate the birth of a child who was the savior of the world.   He came to us in humility and now reigns in glory.

The newest tree in this collection of photos is the one that I just put up this year.  After the death of my mother, I was reluctant to set one up anywhere let alone a live tree.   I bought this tree a week ago on Friday then debated about where to set it up.  Finally, after some encouragement from my sister, I chose to set it up in the downstairs parlor or living room where my Grandmother always had hers.

The lights closest to the the top are LED bulbs.  Though as small as their incandescent  cousins, they are much brighter.    Generations of people from my family have lived in this house at the foot of the Reservoir Hill on Wausau’s West-side.  They all celebrated the holidays here and Christmas was a big part of that.

What To Be Thankful For

The things we are thankful for.Growing up in Wisconsin, I learned to appreciate the seasons in the countryThanksgiving.   We have much to be thankful here and giving thanks should never be relegated to just one day.

We can be thankful along with the farmers for the food that graces our Thanksgiving Day tables.  We should be thankful for decent housing and income.    I thank the Lord for creating all things.  I thank the Lord for the sunshine.  For making things grow.  For caring people ready to share the Gospel to those that society often rejects or has no place for.

Most of all, I thank the Lord for taking our place on the cross making possible a victory that we could have not won!

End of A Season

The small farm on a hill.

Once upon a time, a family in Wisconsin could raise a family on 40 acres and a few cows.

My work with the Wausau Blind Outreach Center has put me in contact with older people who live on small farms like this one.  I admired its location.   I wanted to get an image of the farmstead at sunset.   This farm, recently owned by Gilbert and Francis Jacobi, intrigued me so much that every time I rode bike out northwest of Wausau, I tried to figure out where I could get the best view of it.

I looked at a vantage point along County Highway U which was looking up at the farm from this same angle.   There was too much traffic, and a high-voltage line really messed up the view.    A view from Decator Drive, one mile further to the north might work.   So I ride out on Decator, climb the hill west of 44th Avenue, and I found this clear shot.   I check the time and find out when the sun will hit this angle and light up the red barn!

When I got out to take this picture, I put my D-80 with the 70-210mm tele-zoom fully extended (the sensor in the D-80 is smaller than the normal 24×26 mm film plain in a 35mm film camera so when 210 mm is multiplied by a factor of 1.5, its focal length is 315 mm.)   I carefully composed this image aiming the camera so to avoid the water tower immediately to the east of the farmstead.

God is often at work here.  I’m just the guy who loves to document what he sees.  God made the light, the hills, the trees, and everything that the light reflects off of.    I am thus moved by all that I see.   The real wonder is that, when digital photography really started to take the place of film, people doubted that the colors in color photography would ever be this strong or whether the gray-scale in black and white photography ever be as intense.

The fact is that the actually image that my D-80 puts on a memory card is so much larger than anything a 35mm film camera could produce.   This image alone could easily be reproduced on a poster sized print with no loss in resolution and certainly no grain!  God made this world, and he gave guys like me the tools to show his handiwork.

Autumn’s Glory

This slideshow requires JavaScript.   These are some of the latest editions to my sales sight.  Autumn for me has always been a time when we mere humans seem to get a taste of  God’s glory in nature.    The hues are amazing right here in Wisconsin.   Many of my images were taken within a few blocks of my home here in Wausau.    This blog will change from time to time as I have come to know how the slide-show feature of WordPress works.

Yes, all of these images are for sale.  Just go to and take a look at what you see there.   Christmas is coming.  Each one of my images would make good gifts.

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