In Wausau Paddlers Compete

Ashley takes to the river in an "all woman" tag team during the Midwest Whiteiwater Championship series.

This is the main thing that got me into photography in a big way.  DSLRs are great for covering sports like the whitewater competition on the Wisconsin River in Wausau.   You get a lot of detail without the garbage and cost that film generates.   I feel much more comfortable with a good DSLR in my hands in doing this rather than putting myself in a financial state of shock over the volume of film I just consumed in a day on the Wisconsin in Wausau.

This sport means a lot to tourism and the Wausau area economy.   It has given us national and international attention at times.  Good photography is a part of it.   Unlike the landscapes and other fine art images that I regularly have added for sale on my website, there is a lot of hit and miss here.  A badly placed paddle or arm can detract from the image itself.   Viewers want to identify with the person in the boat.

Galen Rowell is also one of my mentors here in that he showed how this can be captured with AF SLRs which easily translates to DSLRs with more automation and multi-point auto focusing.  Galen Rowell passed away much too soon.


Three paddlers battle it out together for prizes.

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