“The One Constant Through-out All The Years is Baseball”

Robbie De La Cruz makes a hit that turns to a home run.

If there is any one constant in the history of this country, it is baseball.  One could go to places like Miller Park in Milwaukee, or more storied stadiums like Wrigley Field in Chicago.  The closeness of the fans to the teams can often exist in smaller ball parks too.  Wausau has it in Athletic Park.   The smell of hotdogs and bratwurst is in the air.   This is baseball at its most basic and even the best.

At game time, Athletic Park hums with activity from the crowds as they pour in. The concession stands are ready to feed the fans.  Friends and neighbors gather to cheer on their home town team.  Athletic Park, which once saw up and coming stars like Paul Molitor, the future #4 of Milwaukee Brewer fame, when Wausau’s minor league  Timbers played here, is home to the Northwoods League’s Wisconsin Woodchucks.   Athletic Park does not have sky-boxes like the big league stadiums do, but there are open decks that companies or other local groups can book for a game.   Mine was with Thrivent Financial and we were on the Channel 9 Sports deck off left field. That deck had excellent viewing on a cool summer evening.  From there you have a complete view of the field.

In baseball, there is a strategy.  There is subliminal communication that goes on between the pitcher and the catcher.   The goal is to psych out the batter.   Our batters including Robbie De La Cruz were up to it this last Tuesday and we won the game by 2 runs.   The end of a perfect day.

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