The Farm Economy

Hay Feeds The Cows of America's Dairyland

Not too long ago, I began to follow through with Galen Rowell’s suggestion that i not be a photographer who bicycles but rather be a bicyclist who does photography.  I never thought that this could be possible with the bulk that even a 35mm SLR or a DSLR can mean.    You’ve got  or two camera bodies plus lenses and other stuff in a camera bag making that a little awkward for carrying on two wheels.   My solution is a backpack design that holds one camera body and two lenses.   All I need to do is to ride to the point where I want to shoot.

With the image stability built into my Nikon D-80,   I just went after this.

Farmland is a vital part of the Wisconsin economy and dairy farming is king.   It is not hard to get out of the metro area here and into farm country.  Your eyes, ears, and even your nose will tell you where you are.  The pungent aroma of cow-manure is a powerful clue.   Still,  getting out there is part of it.  Two wheels can take me away from hubbub and into peace and tranquility in a matter of minutes.

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