Rugged Serenity

Rugged Serenity

A Visit To a Country Cemetery

Cemeteries are the museums of human activity.   People come to these places to lay the bodies of their lost loved ones to rest.  The tombstones bear the records that these people really did exist.  The only way one can know anything about the people who lived before you is to visit a cemetery, especially one in the country.

Like many parts of rural Wisconsin,  the Town of Stetin was founded by immigrants.  Many of these people came from middle and northern Germany.   Most were Lutherans fleeing the oppression of the state church.  Many were looking for freedom and economic opportunity in the right to own their own farm.  Many were just looking for peace away from the quarreling nations of Europe.

I had often visited this cemetery in the Town of Stetin here in Marathon County, Wisconsin.   My mother , and an aunt of mine, planted flowers in an urn on the family grave-site of some of my ancestors.   The people that are buried in places like this come from sturdy pioneer stock.   They grew corn, raised cows and chickens, and made a living as farmers in a free country.

Some who are buried in places like this are veterans who fought for this their country in its wars.   It is here, and in many places like this, that they can rest in peace.   In all seasons, this is a place of peace.


The colors of the countryside change each fall.

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