Am I a Late Bloomer?

Ever since

Old farms make great black and white subjects.

At first when I launched the Photoshelter website,  I thought that, there would be little effort from me and the $$$ would just come rolling in from sales.  Not quite so.   It is taking a lot of work.   I have learned much in terms of what metadata is and how it works.   I learned how simple it can be to watermark an image with a copyright notice,

Ansel Adams went into photography as a landscape and fine arts photographer like almost full steam ahead in his twenties.   An equally gifted concert pianist, he nearly abandoned the piano for the camera in the 1920s and went off into the wilderness of southern California to Yosemite to capture the shapes of El Capitan and the Half Dome.   His fascination was with how the sun lit the images.   He was in his zone for creativity!

For me to photograph in the outdoors is an act of worship.   I am in aw of creation.  I want people to see things as I see them and enjoy what they see.  Adams did not set out to be a great environmentalist with the images that he captured.  That only came after the interstate highway system had been built.  Then the thought occurred to Adams that perhaps we made these great places a little too accessible.

Adams was never successful at selling his work until 30 years after he had started.

My own thought was that, when digital technology replaced film that black and white photography as we know it would cease to exist because a digital image would never have captured the tonal qualities of good black and white film with the use of the various red lens filters.    I think that I am wrong,   Tell me what you think.

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