Man’s Best Friend

Teddy , German Shepherd

This is the dog my family loved.

Teddy is a German Shepherd that my nephews bought as a puppy.  For seven years he became a member of the family and the guardian over their house.  German Shepherds are known for their loyalty among many other things.   He strayed only once .

He was so much fun at family dinners.  If you wanted to keep him distracted so he didn’t grab the turkey or the ham, just get a handful of carrots off the relish tray and he would jump for them even “speak” on command.  He was my sister’s best pal and she would walk him all around the west side and through the downtown riverfront.  He wasn’t the “big baby” in the family, but he loved attention.  All dogs do, I guess.

He was laid to rest a few months ago.  Canine cancer is not easy for owners to see.  Dogs tend to hide their pain well.   Its a trait they retained from wolves that they do not show weakness lest they lose their position in the pack.  I’m sure the good Lord will find a dog just like him for my sister when she too passe away.

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